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Clinical Athlete Live Webinar

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Adam Meakins

Title of Presentation

Simplifying the Shoulder

Outline of Presentation

Do painful shoulders frustrate and confuse you due to their complex anatomy, many possible diagnoses, and endless special tests? In this presentation, I will demonstrate how I simplify my assessment and treatment of the most commonly encountered shoulder issues. We will look at what are the key factors in the history and the exam that will govern our treatment plan and what factors may affect or predict the outcome and what we can do about them.

Main Questions:

Why do painful shoulders have a reputation for being difficult to treat?

Why can shoulders pain be so confusing?

Why does simplicity scare healthcare professionals?

What are the barriers to simplicity in healthcare?

How can we get better at doing the simple things really well?


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Adam is a specialist sports physio, an extended scope practitioner, and a strength and conditioning specialist with an interest in the management of the shoulder and upper limb who works in the NHS and private practice in Hertfordshire, England. In his 15 year career, Adam has worked in many roles including professional sport and been fortunate enough to work with some of the worlds leading specialists, helping a wide and diverse range of patients recover from many problems. Adam understands the importance of how exercise plays an integral role in the recovery and reduction of injury, and as a keen sportsman himself, fully understands the passion, dedication, and desire of all athletes, regardless of their level for a speedy return to performance after an injury.

With extensive post-graduate training and qualifications, Adam is able to use extended assessment and treatment interventions, such as diagnostic ultrasound scanning, isokinetic muscle testing, and force plate analysis. However, Adam is always keen to first look for simple but effective and evidence-based ways to help athletes of all levels recover as quickly as possible. Adam’s main philosophy is to first focus on doing the basics really well and save the complex fancy stuff for later if it’s needed.

Adam strongly believes in this simple, practical, and evidenced-based approach and is passionate about educating both patients and therapists on the vast differences in the effectiveness and evidence of many ‘alternative’ treatments within this profession. Adam has been a lecturer for Brunel University’s undergraduate physiotherapy program, but now teaches his own internationally renowned shoulder workshops across the world. Adam is also actively involved in a number of clinical research projects and has published papers in peer-reviewed journals, and written a chapter for the latest edition of the best selling sports medicine book, Brukner & Khan’s Clinical Sports Medicine. 

Adam can often be found speaking at conferences & professional events on subjects in and around sports injury and musculoskeletal medicine and is a strong believer in the use of social media within healthcare to help share ideas and disseminate information, This means he has quickly become one of the most followed physiotherapists due to his honest, if at times controversial views and opinions and can be found and followed on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.