Physical therapist

Full Potential Physical Therapy

1406 Greenbrier Place,

Charlottesville, Va, 22901, United States


Academic Backround

I graduated from SUNY Syracuse 1993 with a BS in Physical Therapy.

Specialties & Certifications

  • Certified FMS/SFMA
  • Kinesiology taping KT1, KT2
  • Rocktape- Certified FMT1, FMT2

Athletic & Training Background

I played a lot of sports throughout my life--in my younger years it was baseball and hockey. I played a lot of tennis in high school/college and I picked up my love of weight lifting in college. I did a variety of martial arts over a 15 year period which included aikido, judo, kung fu and tae kwon do; My exercise regime now consists of power lifting/olympic lifting/ body wt training and running, obstacle racing.

Current Role Working with Athletes

My clinic is a general outpatient clinic with most of my patient population being general orthopedics/sports. I work a lot with weekend warriors who suffer from a variety of sports injuries, and H.S/middle school athletes--also with a variety of sports injuries;

Professional Philosophy

My treatment philosophy is to first address the issue the patient/client comes into the clinic for, but I am always keeping an eye on their movement quality, and movement patterns since pain can come from different areas. I work a lot with the fascial system and neuro muscular system to address problems with movement and pain. I incorporate manual techniques, exercise programming and modalities as it is appropriate to the individual's needs. 

I had the privilege of working with and being mentored by Gray Cook (co-founder of the Functional Movement Screen) at his clinic in Chatham VA and it has forever changed the way I work with any patient/client/athlete. No longer can I just work on the injured area without looking at what might have caused the injury in the first place and how the injury might have been avoided. Injury prevention has become a large part of my treatment philosophy.

Having just turned 50 years old, I have a passion for the Masters athlete population--I know how old injuries can creep up and start causing some problems, I know how to train smarter, not harder, and I know how much more important recovery is as we age. Mobility work is always important, but even more as we age.