Contact Info

 Academic Background

  • B.S. In Exercise Science from Florida State University 2005
  • MPT from Florida International University 2007
  • DPT-University of South Florida 2014.

 Specialties & Certifications

  • Full Body Active Release Techniques ® including Peripheral Nerve Entrapment and Complex Protocols
  • Yoga Tune Up® Instructor
  • Graston Technique ®
  • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS)
  • Functional Movement Assessment (FMS)
  • Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)
  • Maitland Australian Physiotherapy Seminars (peripheral extremities and spine)
  • Neurosensory Taping, Spidertech/Kinesiology
  • American Physical Therapy Association Clinical Instructor
  • TRX Certified Instructor
  • AFAA Group Exercise Instructor
  • Crossfit
  • Football
  • Tactical/military
  • Endurance (triathletes, runners)

Athletic  & Training Background

I was a former cheerleader, soccer player and sprinter. In college I taught group exercise, spin, yoga,hip hop, sports conditioning and boot camp. I've also trained in long distance running and started running local 5K, 10K's, half marathons, full marathons duathlons both trail and road. Currently train with kettlebells, crossfit and I teach yoga.. 

Current Role Working With Athletes

I work out of Crossfit ATP and ATP Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and partner with Elevate 954 (multiple sports in youth, collegiate and professional football players). Previously worked in a Sports Performance Training facility in Northern California and worked with collegiate track and field athletes, professional baseball and NFL players and triathletes. 

Professional Philosophy

My focus in treatment is a very hands-on approach.  Most of my time is spent performing manual therapy, including soft tissue work, joint mobilizations and corrective exercises as well as education regarding return to sport or continued techniques to improve performance and prevent injury.

My goal is not just to treat the problem, but to identify the SOURCE of the problem. Using the Functional Movement Screen or Selective Functional Movement Assessment allows me to do just that. 

This is my mission. “Improve your mobility to enhance your performance.”