Ben Cockshott, LMT, CFL2

Licensed Massage Therapist; Strength & Conditioning Coach

CrossFit RSC

 2950 Dede Rd, Finksburg, MD, 21048, United States

Academic Backround

I have a B.A. from McDaniel College in Exercise Science, with a minor in Sports Coaching. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist with over 1000hr of experience. Also, I hold my CrossFit Level 2 and I am a USA Weightlifting Coach.

Specialties & Certifications


Athletic & Training Background

I played sports all through my youth until focusing on football and baseball in high school. I went on to play baseball all the way to college until a career ending labrum and rotator cuff tear. This lead me to a change in training and founding McDaniel College Rugby Football Club. I have competed as a 69kg weightlifter with my best in competition total being 205kg. I play around with competitive exercising.

Current Role Working with Athletes

Currently I help facilitate and educate athletes in proper movement patterns that are orthopedically sound.

Professional Philosophy

When we move, the human body does not always want to do what is best, it wants to do what's easiest. However, I want you to move your body the best you can. The human body is an adaptation machine and we want to facilitate the optimal progressive adaptation.

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