Bryon M. Arena, DC, CSCS


Arena Chiropractic, PLLC

1025 Dove Run Rd, Lexington, KY, 40502, United States

Academic Backround

  • Exercise Science B.A.
  • Doctorate of Chiropractic

Specialties & Certifications

  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • Functional Movement Taping I and II

Athletic & Training Background

  • Football 10 years including collegiate division 2
  • Baseball 7 years
  • Track 5 years
  • Wrestling 4 years
  • Power lifting 3 years
  • Strongman 3 years
  • I use an accommodated 5/3/1 program toward Strongman and to work around personal goals and deficiencies

Current Role Working with Athletes

Currently working very closely with Stivers Strength and Wellness coaching corrective exercise classes and on the spot corrections during training one to two days per week

Professional Philosophy

I look at how my patients move, even those who are not "athletes". I want to know how they squat, bend over, reach for something on the top shelf and transfer those movements into a clinical setting using FMS overhead squat (if able to be performed), single leg half squat (if able to be performed), shoulder abduction tests and straight leg raise tests. I use that information to look at joints/muscles that are not moving or engaging correctly to direct my care to hypertonic or inhibited muscles to prescribe exercises to prevent those joints from locking down again in the future. I rely heavily on adjustments and soft tissue (trigger point therapy) to ensure the injured area has the best chance of healing as quickly as possible. I will utilize RockTape to re-inforce movement patterns to allow for optimal movement for the days following treatment.

Passion, Strength, Honor and Heart. Everything you do in life, do with these qualities.

***Other certificates achieved to enhance quality of care include Advanced Human Performance at New York Chiropractic College as well as Whole food Nutrition and Food as Medicine.