June 24th, 6 pm EST

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Clinical Athlete Webinar

All Registrants will receive a recording of the Webinar If you can't make the live event. 

Dr. Cameron Marshall

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Topic: How to Implement an effective Concussion Management Program. 

Description: Are you a rehabilitation professional (e.g., physical therapist, athletic trainer or sports chiropractor) and want to know MORE about your role in concussion management? During this webinar, we will discuss:

- Neurology Overview, Epidemiology & the International Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport (Berlin 2017)
- Incidence Rates, Underreporting and Under-diagnosing
- Pathophysiology of Acute Concussion and Second Impact Syndrome
- Coaches and Trainers: Recognize, Remove and What To Do Next
- Complete Concussion Management: An Evidence-Based Approach To Concussion Management

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About Complete Concussion Management:
The Complete Concussion Management (CCMI) clinic network acts as an extension of existing healthcare teams and medical doctors. From pre-injury multimodal baseline testing to treatment and rehabilitation, recognized clinics and trained practitioners offer accessible and timely care to support those impacted by concussions.

CCMI analyzes leading research to develop best-in-class approaches to concussion care. Our evidence-based training programs and integrated healthcare technologies empower multidisciplinary teams to implement standardized care for those impacted by concussions. Our network and patient database enables large-scale research to advance concussion management, and ultimately, the long-term health and well-being of concussion patients.

MISSION: To improve the collective understanding of the prevention, management and prognosis of concussion, and provide high quality, accessible and patient-centric care based on the latest scientific and medical research.

VISION: A world where concussion injuries are appropriately managed and no longer deemed a public health issue.