Physical Therapist

Abilene PT and Sports Rehab

103 NW 15th St, Abilene KS 67410

Academic Backround

  • Bachelor's in Kinesiology Louisiana Tech University
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy Southwest Baptist University
  • Interned and trained at the Andrew's Institute (Sports Medicine)

Specialties & Certifications

  • Functional Movement Screen
  • Dynamic Movement Assessment
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Sports Medicine
  • Blood Flow Restriction Certified Provider

Athletic & Training Background

  • 4 year letter recipient at La Tech University (baseball) 
  • 33rd Round Pick of the Cleveland Indians (2 seasons)

I currently train the exact same way I trained while I was playing collegiate and professional baseball with the addition of new dynamic stabilization techniques I've learned from great colleagues. I'm a big fan of high weight low rep strength training in conjunction with isokinetic training to not only build the strength needed for high level competition, but the explosiveness to give athletes a step on their opponents.

Current Role Working with Athletes

I currently rehab a wide array of athletes including football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey and lacrosse. I also provide FMS and DMA to athletes as well as general orthopedic patients. I'm also involved in participating in baseball clinics and camps in order to help youth athletes obtain a college scholarship.

Professional Philosophy

My personal philosophy is that every single joint and body segment should be addressed when dealing with a musculoskeletal injury. With my athletic background, I know the mental approach that athletes need to take in order to recover from injury as well as continually be prepared week in and week out. As a clinician, I've learned that there's endless opportunities to get better at your craft. Therefore; I'm constantly doing researching to give the athletes I work with top tier care. I'm extremely passionate on my craft, and I hope that my energy wears off on my patients.

"The biggest room in the world is room for improvement"

"Never put yourself in a situation where you look back on your playing career and say 'I wish I would've done more' "