Physical Therapist

Snyder Physical Therapy

2845 South 70th Street, Lincoln, NE, 68506, United States

Phone Number: 402-489-1999

Specialties & Certifications:

  • Strength Athlete
  • Highland Games
  • Strongman
  • Throwing
  • Weightlifting
  • Crossfit
  • Manual Therapy
  • Low Back Pain

Athletic & Training Background:

  • 3 sport athlete in high school - Football, Basketball, Track
  • Formerly top 5 ranked amateur Strongman
  • Currently Top 3 ranked professional Highland Games Athlete

Current Role Working With Athletes: 

  • Physical Therapy Practice

Professional Philosophy:

  • I treat the whole person. You are more than your current injury and to prevent future injuries, and maximize performance, we need to assess you as an athlete, and not just as an ankle, knee, or shoulder.

"You don't practice until you get it right, you practice until you can't get it wrong."