Ciaran Keen Osteopathy

Fight Science Staines, 10a Thames Street,

Staines, Surrey, TW184SD, United Kingdom


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Academic Backround

I studied for four years at the European School of Osteopathy to gain my integrated masters in Osteopathy. During this time I have also attended two seminars with James Jowsey and Phil Mansfield looking at squat mechanics and an approach to rehab

Specialties & Certifications

  • MET 
  • soft tissue work
  • HVT

Athletic & Training Background

I'm making the transition to learn how to weightlift finally so as to learn another skill and it has always fascinated me. Previously I trained like a powerlifter for a year to help rehab myself from injuries. I've been in and out of crossfit for 3 years now, I love the class atmosphere and attitude towards getting better. I also played rugby for 10 years amongst other sports when I was younger, I don't miss the injuries but I do the team sport camaraderie.

Current Role Working with Athletes

I treat a wide variety of athletes currently, predominantly crossfitters I would say along with a few powerlifters and martial artists. A few of the crossfitters are hoping to go to national level weightlifting meets in the near future and I also get the pleasure of working at the most competitive British functional fitness events such as the Athlete Games. I am also starting to work closely with a weightlifting club with a number of national level lifters who unfortunately don't receive any funding to help them with their sport. I want to give back to sport by helping these guys out as much as I can

Professional Philosophy

I aim to treat the patient as a whole with whatever works for them and trying to keep them training for their sport as much as possible. I currently want to learn as much as possible hence why I travel a lot for work to garner as much experience as possible and learn from other professionals. I love sports and it is where I want to spend the majority of my time, sharing my passion with others.