Episode 4: Pain Science: This Sh*t is Complicated

What is "pain"? Does pain mean tissue damage? Can we, or should we, treat pain directly? Does the approach change in acute versus chronic cases? In this episode, we attempt to talk through the complex topic of pain science, as it relates to clinical application.

Logic of Rehab pain science blog:

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Episode 3: Came for the Tendinopathy but stayed for the donuts.

In this episode of the ClinicalAthlete podcast, we are joined by Jason Eure, DPT, to discuss the physiology and current best practice for the management of Tendinopathy.

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Squatting with Patellar Tendinopathy
Training with Biceps Tendinopathy

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Episode 1: Do You Even Epistemology Bro?

Epistemology - the theory of knowledge. How do we know what we know?

In the very first episode of the ClinicalAthlete Podcast, Quinn Henoch, DPT, Michael Ray, DC, and Derek Miles, DPT discuss the past, present, and future of evidence-based practice.  


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