A training tip from ClinicalAthlete Provider Dr. Clinton Lee of Clinton Lee Physical Therapy in New York City: "The Kettlebell press + windmill is one Method to build shoulder strength and stability for the top arm while simultaneously working on core strength and trunk mobility.

A movement & mobility tip from ClinicalAthlete Provider Josh James of MSC Performance in the United Kingdom: "Hit up some Goblet Half Y for lower trap recruitment. Improve your scapular stability with this exercise and see your Jerk, snatch, and overhead movement improve.

A movement tip from ClinicalAthlete Provider Dr. Matt Wiest, DC of Finishline Wellness in Savage, MN: "Shoulder saw in elbow plank to modified pike: A pretty good burner to mix into your core circuits. The best athletes are those who can maximize hip and thoracic controlled movement by building a strong stable core to work off of."

Glute Bridges! If you have an athlete who lacks hip extension and tends to over extend through the lower back during regular supine bridges with feet flat on the floor, then try this variation. It will give them more range of motion to work with while staying neutral. Sets of 5.