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"The CWC certification is a must for any coach, trainer or clinician--even those with high proficiency in the sport of weightlifting and coaching the Snatch and Clean & Jerk."

-Jeff Halevy, CEO of Halevy Life


  • The CWC Certification will teach you everything you wanted to know about movement, mobility, and corrective programming for the Olympic-style lifts.
  • Over the course of two days, you will learn:
  • The unique mobility and stability demands of the Snatch, the Clean, and the Jerk: lift by lift, position by position, and body part by body part.
  • Specific topics, like ankle mobility, stretching and tightness, anterior pelvic tilt, and scapular mechanics, among many others.
  • Proper breathing mechanics and why they are important for establishing optimal posture and positions to master the sport of weightlifting.
  • Screening and assessment protocol for each phase of the the Snatch and Clean & Jerk and what these outcomes mean in the context of the movements themselves.
  • Corrective programming to conquer mobility and stability limitations and establish proficiency in the Olympic lifts.
  • Hands-on training to apply these techniques for yourself and coach them to your clients.