Destry Sperfslage, ATC/L, CSCS

Athletic Trainer

Taylor Physical Therapy

312 9th St SW, Waverly, Iowa, 50677, United States

Academic Backround

B.A. - Athletic Training - University of Northern Iowa
M.S. - Kinesiology - Southern Illinois University

Specialties & Certifications

  • ATC
  • CSCS
  • FMS

Athletic & Training Background

Excelled as a three sport athlete throughout High School. Enjoy continuing my drive for competition through training with Olympic and power movements. I enjoy being able to relate with the athletes I work with in understanding the demand from the body and work ethic needed to perform at a higher caliber, and also the process of recovering from a long-term rehabilitation.

Current Role Working with Athletes

I am the Director of Athletic Training and Sports Medicine at Taylor Physical Therapy. My team and I contribute to provide wellness based resources to our community and its fire department, police department, High School, and College. I serve as the Head Athletic Trainer for Waverly-Shell Rock High School, and direct and coordinate all orthopedic/sports medicine care for the school's 300+ student-athletes. We also provide Sports Performance and Youth Physical Development Camps to athletes hoping to progress their abilities and perform at a high level on multiple playing surfaces.

Professional Philosophy

I believe in simple principle based approaches to training and rehabilitation. 

-Inhibit : control swelling, edema, pain, etc. 
-lengthen : restore range of motion
-activate : restore neural patterns and volitional muscle control
-strengthen : restore strength of movement patterns
-functionally integrate : restore adequate neural control, power, speed, along with ability to control external forces and ability to react to stimulus with personal goals in mind. 

-overload : the body must be stressed in order to induce physical adaptation and change.
-full range of motion : to be functional and limit compensational patterns, while limiting likelihood of injury, you must train through the bodies full range of motion. 
-postural control : maintain bodies proper neuro-muskulo-skeletal alignment, and pracitice ability to produce forces, and control forces acting upon it while maintaining that alignment.

"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space lies our power to choose our response. In those decisions lie our growth and our freedom" - Viktor Frankl