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ClinicalAthlete Movement Seminar with Quinn Henoch DPT: Lexington, KY


·         movement theory - lecture

·         screening and correcting the squat - lecture & lab

·         screening and correcting the press - lecture & lab

·         screening and correcting the deadlift - lecture & lab


 “It was really eye-opening and accessible, while at the same time going more in-depth than anything else I've taken on movement." - JV, athlete, seminar attendee

 “This was one of the best courses I have taken for applying concepts in a clinical setting and building better systems. The perfect blend of lecture & hands on practice." - KB, Chiro student, seminar attendee

 "So many awesome takeaways from the training. It was insightful, effective, entertaining and easy to follow, and I could feel (and see) how the assessments/correctives work. I'd highly recommend this training to other fitness professionals, clinicians, athletes, and really anyone just wanting to learn more about movement and the body.“ – Alisa Fairbanks, seminar attendee

 “Massive thank you to Quinn Henoch for putting on one of the best workshops I've been to. It has already changed the way I view movement/correction and the folks I work with will be better served because of it. Quinn's openness with the mechanisms and willingness to field questions and engage with the audience honestly is something we all benefitted from. Unreal weekend overall." - Adam Robinson, seminar attendee