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ClinicalAthlete Movement Seminar with Quinn Henoch: Squamish, BC

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  • Movement Theory I (lecture) 
  • Screening and Assessment (lecture)
  • Screening The Squat (lab)
  • Movement Theory II (lecture) - Programming Corrective Strategies
  • Optimizing The Squat (lab)
  • Optimizing The Press (lab)
  • Optimizing The Deadlift (lab)
  • Open Training - Implement what you have learned

“It was really eye-opening and accessible, while at the same time going more in-depth than anything else I've taken on movement." - JV, athlete, seminar attendee

 “This was one of the best courses I have taken for applying concepts in a clinical setting and building better systems. The perfect blend of lecture & hands on practice." - KB, Chiro student, seminar attendee