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Resistance Training For The Competitive Athlete: How to Structure Your Program Around the Sports Seasons


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When is the best time for a competitive athlete to gain muscle mass? Gain strength? Both? What about in-season training - how can we maintain or make gains in the midst of the competitive season? Not to worry, during this ClinicalAthlete Webinar, Dr. Mike Israetel will walk us through the periodization of strength training programs for athletes who manage one or more competitive sports seasons. 

Webinar Outline:

  • Why it's not the best idea just to "train for the sport and train in the weight room" without considering interactions between the two.
  • How each phase of the periodized resistance and sport training process should look for best results
  • What the phases of periodized, sport-specific resistance training look like and how they integrate with periodized training for the sport itself
  • How needs analysis yield different priorities of resistance training depending on the sport

Dr. Mike Israetel is the head Science Consultant for Renaissance Periodization, author of the book Scientific Principles of Strength Training, and traveling speaker and contributor to Juggernaut Training Systems. Dr. Mike was previously a professor of Exercise Science at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA and the University of Central Missouri - where he taught Exercise Physiology, Personal Training, and Advanced Programming for sports and fitness. Mike’s PhD is in Sport Physiology, and he has been a consultant on sports nutrition to the U.S. Olympic Training Site in Johnson City, TN. Mike has coached numerous powerlifters, weightlifters, bodybuilders, and other individuals in both diet and weight training. Originally from Moscow, Russia, Mike is a competitive powerlifter, bodybuilder, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu grappler. He used to hold a bunch of state, national, and world records in raw powerlifting back when everyone was in equipment, so that’s cool too!

It is only $10 to reserve your spot to this webinar and ALL registrants will receive the recording, even if you cannot attend the live event!