ClinicalAthlete is a FREE resource in order for you to find a health care provider who will understand your goals related to training & athletic performance.  These clinicians speak your language, and will not tell you to "just stop lifting" or "squatting is bad for your knee".  This is because they have athletic backgrounds similar to yours, and understand the necessary rigors of training for sport.  

The Clinical Athlete map is on every page of the site.  Search by zip code, city, state, profession, or key words of specialties and certifications.

**ClinicalAthlete does NOT provide free medical advice over the internet**

Licensed Professionals in This Community Include:

  •    Physical Therapists
  •    Chiropractors
  •    Dietitians
  •    Pharmacists
  •    Athletic Trainers
  •    Among Others

Specialties & Certifications Include:

  •    Weightlifting
  •    Functional Fitness Training
  •    Powerlifting
  •    Endurance
  •    Strength & Conditioning
  •    Rugby
  •    Hockey
  •    Football
  •    Soccer
  •    Among Others