Hannah Whitcombe (M.Ost, D.O, ITEC Dip L3, BWLA L1 Weightlifting Coaching Assisstant) and Max Charles (M.Ost, D.O, ITEC Dip L3)



Academic Backround

Integrated Master's Degree Osteopathy (M.Ost, D.O.) 
Medical Acupuncture Certified ITEC Level 3 Dip (Sports Massage) 
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
British Weightlifting Level 1 Coaching Assistant

Athletic Backround: 

Max and Hannah are both Osteopaths who are involved within Weihgtlifting in the UK. Both train and compete weekly alognisde their clinical work. 
Currently using crossfit for conditioning, as well as training speed and agility.

Current involvement with Athletes/Athletics:

Working alongside regional level atheltes in Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting and Crossfit to recover from injury, manage injury rehabilitation and enhancing performance by improving biomechanical alignments and function. 
Hannah currently coaches youth (11-18) Olympic Weightlifting, working specifically with a team of 6-8 female youth lifters.

Professional Philosophies

We provide a tailored treatment and management plan, ensuring individuals needs are fully met to maximise benefits from osteopathic treatment. We integrate patients' training & movement patterns into examination and treatment plans to assess function while training and how restrictions in movement or pain are influencing movement patterns.