Chiropractic Physician

Sycamore Spine & Sport

1225 E State Street,

Sycamore, Illinois, 60178, United States



Academic Backround

  • Doctor of Chiropractic - 2012 National University of Health Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science - 2006 Dakota Wesleyan University
  • Majors: Pre-Med, Spanish Minors: Chemistry, Mathematics

Specialties & Certifications

  • Functional Movement & Rehab
  • McKenzie
  • Dry Needling
  • SFMA
  • Reflex Locomotion

Athletic & Training Background

My personal athletic background consists of years of sports. I have played volleyball for 22 years, I played in college and still play doubles and in multiple leagues around the Chicago area. I have also been a CrossFit athlete since 2010 and I love how the functional movements can be incorporated into both the workouts and my practice. I was also a heptathlete in college and have been around track for numerous years. Because of the nature of the heptathlon I was able to understand the throws, running and field events. Besides those, I also play basketball, softball, and then any other pick-up games that I could try over the years.

Current Role Working with Athletes

My practice is built around keeping people in an active lifestyle. I have children to elderly that I treat. I have CrossFit athletes, collegiate swimmers, volleyball players and dancers, and also I see softball players, basketball players, baseball players, rugby players, runners, ultra marathoners, cyclists and soccer name a few. The range is very wide and each person is treated individually depending on their circumstances.

Professional Philosophy

I mix what I do with each patient. They are all individually treated based on what they are coming in for. I tell each patient I have that I am going to do a neurological, orthopedic and functional exam on them because I want to not only find out specifically where their pain is, but why they are having it in the first place. Following the exam the patient is given an explanation of what was found and the treatment options (and why those would best suit them). Almost all of my patients receive more than one treatment option from me. Most are given exercises, muscle techniques, adjustments, dry needling, McKenzie, or reflex stimulation as part of their therapy. I have taken numerous seminars on different forms of treatment, so it is all patient dependent on what they will receive from me.