Jacob Losse, DPT

 Physical Therapist

Action Potential

328 Main Street, Colorado Springs, Co, 80911, United States

Academic Backround

  • Northwestern University PT School class of 2016
  • Virginia Tech BS Human Nutrition Foods and Exercise

Specialties & Certifications

  • Crossfit Level 2 December 2016
  • North American Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy: Lumbopelvic 1

Athletic & Training Background

  • Current Olympic weightlifter and Crossfit athlete
  • College, Mens Club, and high school rugby player
  • History with amateur MMA
  • High school wrestler and cross country runner

Current Role Working with Athletes

Currently working with high school and recreation athletes in my role as a Physical Therapist at Action Potential. 
I additionally work as the PT for my gyms Olympic lifting club and occasionally coach Crossfit for Crossfit SoCo