King Physiotherapy and Foot Clinic

222 King St E, Suite 101, BOWMANVILLE, ON, L1C 1P6, Canada

Social Media Links

Instagram: @jaredmaynard_pt
Instagram: @axo_strength

Academic Backround

  • Specialties & CertificationsSpinal manipulations
  • Acupuncture
  • Dry needling
  • Concussion assessment and rehabilitation
  • Movement assessment and optimization for strength training
  • Strength and conditioning program design

Athletic & Training Background

  • Current CPU 93kg Raw, Drug-Free Powerlifter 
  • 6+ years of strength training experience
  • Worked professionally as a clinical kinesiologist prior to pursuing physical therapy education
  • Former canfitpro certified personal trainer
  • 3 seasons of high school football experience, playing slotback and tight end
  • Martial arts (Kung Fu) x 3 years

Current Role Working with Athletes

Regular assessment and treatment of perfornance-based athletes as part of daily practise, especially operating out of a sports injuries clinic. Athletes range from recreational sports and general fitness to rep sports, Ontario Hockey League players and nationally- and internationally-ranked Canadian powerlifters.

Team Physiotherapist with the Peterborough Wolverines rep football team for the 2016 season.

Co-owner and coach of Axolotl Strength, an online powerlifting coaching company responsible for producing nationally and internationally competitive lifters.

Professional Philosophy

Each person is different in their presentation and their personal goals. It's my job to understand each person individually, find the root of any problems they're having and make them the best athlete they can be. Finally, I need to teach them how to maintain those improvements themselves. It's a challenging process, but I love it!

"Exercise does stuff to things." - Nicolas Koo

I am hopelessly addicted to coffee and craft beer.