Jeremy Collum

Massage Therapy

Dark Horse Massage Therapy

2535 Jefferson, Kansas City, Missouri, 64108, United States

Academic Backround

  • Massage school in 2005
  • Intro to PTA in 2010
  • Specialties & CertificationsRockTape ( rockdoc ) 
  • Kinesio Tape ( level 3 ) 
  • CrossFit Mobility 
  • Greg Roskopf Muscle Activation Technique ( jump start classes ) 
  • Neuro Kinetic Therapy ( level 1 ) 
  • Siatica treatment 
  • The treatment and prevention of Running injuries

Athletic & Training Background

Played Football, Baseball and Wrestled different years in Highschool. Some various types of Recreational sports leagues. 2010 started CrossFit for a couple years and little over a year ago joint a competitive powerlifting team.

Current Role Working with Athletes

I am currently working out of a CrossFit gym, is my main location. I have a CrossFitters from various gyms around the area come in. I also have Weightlifters, Powerlifters some Rugby players and Runners that come in. Some clients come in when the sport/ hobby is affected by pain or dysfunction. Some clients come in for maintenance during a light, deload week, or before a competition. 
I have some people on my power team and in the CF gym that I experiment with different or new techniques. I am also at most of the local CF events providing athletic services during the day. I have started to travel with teammates to help during powerlifting meets also.

Professional Philosophy

I try and treat the whole body. Look and treat local but thinking/looking globally. I try and see in various places during the day how the clients says they feel or move with the reason they came into the office today.