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Symmetry & Flow Healthcare Centers, Inc

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Academic Backround

I received a BS in Human Biology from Life University in Atlanta, GA, then moved cross-country to Portland, OR and received a Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine from the University of Western States.

Specialties & Certifications

  • Sports Injuries
  • Sport Performance Enhancement
  • Injury Prevention

Athletic & Training Background

I was fortunate enough to do my residency with top sports chiropractors in the Pacific NW region. While in Portland, OR I treated Nike sponsored athletes, the Portland Ballet, the US Tennis Association, and US Olympic hopefuls. In Seattle, I treated multiple members of the Seattle Seahawks, as well as numerous CrossFit athletes and professional runners. Now in sunny South Florida, I treat athletes from all sports and all levels, to help them reach there full potential while preventing future injuries.

Current Role Working with Athletes

I primarily treat out of my main clinic in Weston, FL, however, I also have the privilege of treating at multiple training facilities throughout South Florida. My patients range anywhere from your novice runners, to International IRONMAN contestants, to past CrossFit Games champions. As a clinic we are well versed in multiple sports injuries; including golf, tennis, weight lifting, CrossFit, running, cycling, swimming, baseball, football, basketball, etc.

Professional Philosophy

As a whole, our society is in a REACTIVE state when it comes to healthcare, and no where is this more evident than it is in sports. At Symmetry & Flow Healthcare we are about being PROACTIVE, not reactive. We assess muscle firing patterns, anterior/posterior imbalances, and anything else that can be a problem and address it before it actually becomes one. We keep our athletes at optimal health, year-round, so that they are ready for game day!

"You don't get what you wish for, you get what you work for."

improved POWER | improved PERFORMANCE | improved POTENTIAL

* Symmetry & Flow Healthcare is an integrative medical clinic, offering services such as chiropractic, sports acupuncture, rehabilitation, sports massage, homeopathic recovery injections, and more. Check us out on for full details of our services *