Doctor of Chiropractic

Beyond Chiropractic

1511 Treat Blvd Ste 100,

Walnut Creek,California, 94598, United States


Academic Backround

John graduated from St. Ambrose University with B.S. Degrees in Human fitness performance and Exercise Science. Later graduated from Palmer College as a Doctor of Chiropractic, where he was a rehabilitation and sports injury intern.

Specialties & Certifications

ID Level 1-4

Athletic & Training Background

John played college football for St. Ambrose University as well as USA Div 1- Rugby for PCC Dragons including 3 Final Four appearances. Aside from continuing to train for weekend warrior rugby appearances he enjoys yoga, running, and crossfit.

Current Role Working with Athletes

Dr. Appleman is currently playing an active roll in helping individuals meet their activity and sport goals including high school, college and professional athletes.

Professional Philosophy

Provide Clinical Excellence with an accurate diagnosis, educating and helping my patients achieve their activity and sport goals.

"No Trainer, Coach, Doctor or Expert can make you good or great or unstoppable if you are unable to do the WORK"-Annonymous