John Flagg


Contact Info

 Academic Background

I completed my Bachelors ofScience from Salisbury University in Athletic Training after a 6 month internship at Princeton University.  Upon graduation, I attended Penn State University to receive a Master’s in Public Health Education.  During these times, I was responsible for the health and treatment of collegiate athletes.  It was at Penn State that my current treatment philosophies started to form into what they are today.

 Specialties & Certifications

I am a Maryland Board licensed, Certified Athletic Trainer.  I hold a USAW level 1, am FMS certified and SFMA certified through Functional Movement Systems, and PES and CES certified through NASM.

Current Role Working With Athletes

Currently, I am the Wellness Director at Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy in White Plains, MD.  Our program is designed to support the transition out of traditional physical therapy and educate people on strength training at all ages.  We work with a wide range of clients from your grandmothers to D1 athletes.  Additionaly, I manage the care of the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs, an independent league professional baseball organization.  I also compete in weightlifting and have my first powerlifting meet the end of September.  I coach and operate a Barbell club out of 301 Strong in White Plains, MD that teaches the basics of weightlifting and powerlifting.

Professional Philosophy

I concurrently got “bit by the iron” myself and also started to actively pursue further education in strength training.  I believed the bigger, faster, and stronger my athletes were, the less they would get hurt and the more hurting they would do (read as: winning.)   This philosophy has gradually evolved, just like my own training, into what it is today.  My list of priorities are: position (combination of stability and mobility), strength, and then performance (expression of skill.)