Jordan Shallow D.C


The Muscle Doc: Integrative Performance Therapy

241 Polaris ave, Mountain View, Ca, 94043, United States

Academic Backround

Palmer West College of Chiropractic, December 2015

Specialties & Certifications

  • NASM CES- Corrective Exercise Specialist 
  • ART

Athletic & Training Background

Growing up in south-western Ontario, hockey was the focus from day one, while other sports such as swimming, lacrosse, track and field and soccer took up most off-seasons. After retiring from hockey the gym became my sport, and my passion for training has led me to the platform as a competitive Power lifter.

Current Role Working with Athletes

My athletes range from a wide variety of disciplines ranging from Power Lifting, Olympic Weight Lifting, Football, Hockey, Rugby and more. My role is to not only get the platform ready, or game ready but to install permutations to existing training plans in order for them to make continual progress in increasing their performance while reducing pain.

Professional Philosophy

Being a clinical athlete allows me to bring an element of empathy to my practice. It's one thing to go to a practitioner who attempts to understand symptoms through an evaluation, but another thing entirely to go to a practitioner who understands symptoms through their own personal experience. The iron keeps me sharp.

Everything works, nothing works every time.