Lauren Beasley Shanaphy, MS, PT, OCS, FMT, NKT

Physical Therapist

Total Physical Therapy

100 Passaic Ave., Chatham, NJ, 07928, United States

Academic Backround

Lauren is a graduate from University of Scranton where she earned her Bachelor of Science in 2005 and her degree in Physical Therapy in 2006 as part of the school's entry-level Master's program.

Specialties & Certifications

  • OCS (board certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist)
  • NKT (NeuroKinetic Therapy)
  • FMT (Rocktape Functional Movement Techniques)
  • SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment)
  • Mulligan 
  • McKenzie

Athletic & Training Background

Lauren had a diverse introduction to sports playing softball, soccer, field hockey, tennis, swimming, riding horses, and dancing for the majority of her youth. She focused on softball and field hockey into high school and went on to play Division 3 field hockey for the University of Scranton. After college, like many retired athletes, she turned to running to stay active and competitive until finding CrossFit and ultimately olympic weightlifting.

Current Role Working with Athletes

After several years in traditional practice, Lauren joined a private practice in 2012 working with high level clients in a one on one setting, specializing in movement correction and performance optimization from a biomechanical and neurophysiological approach. Lauren's practice is based out of a unique facility called The Annex which focuses on sports performance training and is a CrossFit affiliate as well. Athletes at the Annex range from youth to professional in all sports, but with a big emphasis on baseball and lacrosse. Over the years, through personal participation with CrossFit as well as networking and speaking at seminars in several local boxes, Lauren has also specialized in treating in CrossFit athletes and has traveled with both individuals and teams to the Northeast regional qualifier for the CrossFit games.

Professional Philosophy

Lauren's personal and professional philosophy are one and the same. If there is a will, there is a way. This simple idea drives her to continue to learn the best methods to treat her clients, and let's face it as a clinical athlete, to help herself as well. She makes it her business to understand how the body works to the best of her ability to best help provide the most effective interventions with emphasis on client education and empowerment.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.