Matt Parrish, LMT, CES

Soft Tissue Therapist, Crossfit Coach

Ground Work Theory

764 Miami Circle NE Unit 208, Atlanta, Georgia, 30324, United States

Academic Backround

  • CORE Institute School of Bodywork and Somatic Therapy, 2004, Tallahassee, Fl.
  • US Army Combat Medic School, 2007, Ft. Sam Houston, Tx. 
  • Combat Lifesaver/Advanced Combat Trauma Interventions Instructor, 2009-2010, US Army

Specialties & Certifications

  • NASM, Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • CrossFit, Level 1
  • NESTA, Heart Rate Performance Trainer
  • USAW, L1

Athletic & Training Background

  • Bodybuilding/Physique Development since 1998
  • Muy Thai/BJJ 2 years
  • Crossfit since 2009
  • Obstacle Course Races
  • Mountain Biking/ Single Track, Bike:GT Avalanche 2.0

Current Role Working with Athletes

My time,is,split between the aesthetic and performance communities. I work with bodybuilding and physique athletes to bring out striations, muscle separation, and increase ROM. On the performance side, I work to restore muscle/joint function relative to the individuals needs. Using a systemic approach through anatomical trains and understanding the fascial matrix anatomical balance can be restored along with facilitation of postural correction. I currently work with international and national level aesthetic athletes, sponsored tri-athletes, local and regional Crossfitters, current and former pro MLB/NFL, USA Collegiate Rugby and many more.

Professional Philosophy

I don't go into a meeting with my athletes with a preconceived notion of what I think should happen. I let the body tell me what it needs and then alter my techniques from there. As we move through the session I adjust to the athlete physique keeping in mind of the desired outcomes. I have found that the victim tends to scream loudest while the offender keeps quiet. That means that if there is knee pain I don't associate the problem to just the knee. I look above and below the complaint area to locate the root of the issue. Through a unique combination of soft tissue and movement therapy I am able to facilitate my athletes through post injury restoration and preventive maintenance.