Dr. Matt Longfellow, PT, DPT, SCS, USAW

Physical Therapist

Diverge Physical Therapy & Performance

1195 Chesapeake Avenue, Columbus, Ohio, 43212, United States

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Academic Background

  • Bachelor of Science, Exercise Science, The Ohio State University
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy, The Ohio State University 
  • Sports Physical Therapy Residency, The Ohio State University

Specialties & Certifications

  • USAW-1
  • FRR Spine
  • Dry Needling 
  • SFMA 
  • PRI
  • DNS

Athletic & Training Background

Since 2014, Matt has trained exclusively for the sport of weightlifting.

Current Role Working with AthletesMatt owns and treats out of Diverge PT & Performance in Columbus, OH. Matt specializes in helping fit, active individuals compete and train pain free. His speciality is working with strength athletes including weightlifters, powerlifters and CrossFitters and bridging the gap between rehab and performance, helping athletes understand and apply the necessary principles to stay mobile, healthy and strong while competing and training at high levels.

Professional Philosophy

My goal is to teach people the fundamental principles of movement to empower them to live the active, healthy lives they deserve. Whether they want to compete in weightlifting or CrossFit, play tennis, run or just enjoy a pain free life with theri family and friends, my goal is to help people understand their body and how to properly use movement and exercise to lay the foundation for a healthy and enjoyable life.

"Where you think it is, it ain't." Ida Rolf

Basically - look beyond the site of pain if you want long-term, lasting improvements.