Michelle Lewis MS, ATC, LMT

Movement and Manual Therapist


182 Main St, Watertown, MA, 02472, United States

Academic Backround

Michelle first studied Athletic Training at Northeastern University. She went on to work as an ATC and study at Boston University, obtaining a master’s degree in Human Physiology. Michelle then attended the Cortiva Institute for Massage Therapy.

Specialties & Certifications

Throughout her academic career Michelle has also attended a wide range of continuing education courses, covering topics such as anatomy and palpation, posture and movement assessment, injury evaluation and treatment, strength and conditioning, and coaching. Some of the certifications Michelle has received include:

- Functional Range Release – Spine and Upper Extremity
- Functional Range Conditioning
- NeuroKinetic Therapy L1
- Certified Functional Strength Coach L1
- Strong First Kettlebell Instructor L1

Athletic & Training Background

Growing up in the suburbs of Boston, Michelle participated in a variety of sports and activities. As she grew up, her curious nature drew her to try new ways of moving, and eventually she had done everything from ballet to skateboarding, triathlons to rugby, and rock climbing to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (just to name a few). 

Michelle also understands the many demands physical labor first hand, after working full-time in landscape construction during her part-time massage therapy program. The daily tasks that required repetitive motions and strength endurance made her truly appreciate body mechanics, conditioning, and recovery strategies. 

In addition to a daily mobility, breathing, and mindset/meditation practice, Michelle is currently focused on building strength and works with a Strong First Barbell coach to improve her technique on the Big 3 lifts.

Current Role Working with Athletes

Michelle believes that everyone who has a body IS an athlete. She is committed to helping people of all athletic abilities rediscover the joy of movement while teaching them to manage restrictions and painful symptoms. Michelle is passionate about empowering her clients to participate in the activities that bring them joy. She is eager to share her education and experience with as many bodies and minds as possible because learning how we respond to the stress and demands we place on ourselves is the best way to truly embody growth and progress.

Professional Philosophy

Michelle’s clinical practice specializes in manual movement therapy; meaning each session is a combination of movement assessment, manual therapy, and corrective exercises or motor control drills to reinforce specific movement patterns. She is also well aware of the many benefits of manual therapy for stress relief and specific event preparation. Michelle utilizes her knowledge of the nervous system to maximize recovery and recharge batteries from day to day or season to season. To ensure that clients develop the ability to take care of their own bodies between sessions, Michelle also coaches clients on how to repeat drills and corrections on their own.

"If greatness should ever stumble upon you, let it catch you hard at work." - Elizabeth Gilbert