Contact Info

Academic Background

Taylor is proud owner of a BS in Biochemistry and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy, which he has put to good use treating a wide variety of athletes in his career.

Athletic & Training Background

In addition to working tirelessly to bring great content to bear with Strongman PT, Taylor also competes as an amateur strongman athlete. With a history of track and collegiate cross country as well, his knowledge base for rehabilitation spans a wide variety of sports.

Current Role Working With Athletes

Working in the best gym for athletes in the Memphis area, NBS Fitness, Taylor has access not only to high quality facilities, but also some of the best strength and conditioning trainers in the business.

Taylor has spent time working with the pediatric population as well, to better understand and program for the needs of the youth athlete.

Regardless of injury, if you want to compete in strength sports, Taylor is the physical therapist to see to get you back on track.