Finish Line Wellness

4401 Egan Dr., Savage,

MN, 55378, United States


Academic Backround

Matt graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic where he was a rehabilitation and sports injury intern. He also co-founded the sports council club on campus and was an active member of sports injury and motion palpation clubs.

Specialties & Certifications

  • ART UE, LE, Spine
  • ID Level 1 & Level 4 
  • TMF workshop

Athletic & Training Background

Matt played college hockey at University of Wisconsin - Superior as well as USA Div 1 - rugby with PCC Dragons including national tournament showings with each sport. Aside from hockey and rugby Matt is also enjoys Crossfit, yoga and powerlifting.

Current Role Working with Athletes

Finish Line Wellness plays an active role in helping individuals meet their goals including high school, college and professional level athletes. Currently the officials chiropractor for the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders.

Professional PhilosophyMovement is life. My job is to help my patients reach their goals by educating them on proper movement patterns in sport, at work and for life. A typical session with me will include a joint by joint assessment analyzing what areas are dysfunctional and causing you your symptoms. Treatment includes manual therapy, corrective movement pattern cues, and various motor control drills based on your goals and needs.

"Patterns and sequences remain the preferred mode of operation in biological organisms. Patterns are groups of singular movements linked in the brain like a single chunk of information. This chunk essentially resembles a mental motor program, the software that governs movement patterns. A pattern represents multiple single movements used together for specific function. Storage of a pattern creates efficiency reduces processing time in the brain, much as a computer stores multiple documents of related content in one file to better organize and manage information." - Gray Cook on movement patterns.