Contact Info

Academic Background

Honours degree in Economics before discovering new passions in therapy and movement. I hold a Diploma in Swedish Massage and went on to gain a further Diploma in Sports Therapy.

Athletic & Training Background

Crossfit Lvl 1 and British Weightlifting Assistant Coach certificate holder. I'm a runner who found Crossfit and from there developed a greater interest in the broader world of strength and conditioning.

Specialties & Certifications

Soft tissue treatment. RockTape Lvl 2 Rock Doc. Kinetic Chain Release. Crossfit Lvl 1. BWLA Level 1

Current Role Working With Athletes

Working with the Scottish Womens waterpolo team as well as massaging recreation crossfitters and gym goers.

Professional Philosophy

To understand the complaint, rectify it, and return the client to their sport/lifestyle in a better condition than that prior to the complaint, referring where required.

"A rolling stone gathers no moss"