Contact Info

  • Physical Therapist
  • UF Health Rehab at Magnolia Parke
  • Address: 4740 NW 39th Drive Suite D
  • Gainesville, FL 32606
  • 352-265-5200

 Academic Background

Brittney graduated from the University of Florida with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy and previously graduated with her B.S. in Exercise Physiology.

Specialties & Certifications

USAW Level 1


Current Role Working With Athletes

She has physical therapy experience in powerhouse athletic department training rooms as well as with elite professional athletes. She currently specializes in the rehabilitation of injured athletes with her focus on Weightlifting, running gait analysis, and adolescents with injuries. Brittney is certified as a Sport Performance Coach Level 1 through USA Weightlifting.

Professional Philosophy

Brittney’s weightlifting programming and treatment philosophies are based on her Doctorate of Physical Therapy background and current research and evidence. She borrows ideas and treatments from the osteopathic and manual therapy toolboxes.

A little something personal:

Exercise and lifting should be fun. There should be something that pushes you – find your motivation, your goals and push toward them. Whether your goals are seeded in PRs or strength gains or life long fitness – I would like to help you return back to these at a higher level than pre-injury.

Everyone has their weaknesses and deficits whether it’s scapular stability, core stabilization, posterior chain weakness…sound familiar anyone? We are all put together differently.

My focus is in weightlifting (with a capital W), but I have spent the last several years in a general outpatient setting and have clinical experience to treat a variety of diagnoses and age groups. My passion lives in youth/adolescents with injuries and motivated athletes of all ages.

Brittney works in Gainesville, Florida at UF Health Rehab Center at Magnolia Parke. You can request an appointment for rehabilitation or training by contacting Brittney directly via email at