ClinicalAthlete is a platform for athletes to find and feel comfortable with you, before they step foot in your door.  Being a clinician on this database means something.  It means that you speak the language of athletes.  They can be confident that by learning about you through your individualized profile page, you will understand their performance and training goals. 

ClinicalAthlete is also a place for professional development.  The interactive forum that ONLY clinicians and respective students have access to is a place for high level discussion amongst colleagues regarding all aspects of patient care.  Here we share ideas regarding difficult cases, treatment philosophy, best practices, current literature, and much more.  Live webinars and virtual roundtable discussions will be scheduled based on specific topics, and archived as an ever-growing resource for our clinicians.  

Our backgrounds and experiences may vary greatly, but we share a common trait.  We know how to treat athletes because we ARE athletes.