Owen Runion, PT, DPT


Physical Therapy

Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine

600 Hennepin Ave #310, Minneapolis, MN, 55403, United States

Academic Background

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
    Residency in Sports Physical Therapy
    Bachelor of Science in Biokinetics

Specialties & Certifications

Sports Certified Specialist (test in March)

Athletic & Training Background

I grew up playing sports my whole life, but always enjoyed basketball the most. I played all 4 years of high school, and then In college decided I wanted to just play for fun. I then began to develop a love for weight lifting, and working in training room helping with rehabilitation, and I've been doing those 2 ever since. I also still play pick up basketball on the side for a little bit of cardio.

Current Role Working with Athletes

I recently completed a year long physical therapy sports residency with the Mayo Clinic, which allowed me to continue treating patients, covering 300+ hours of athletic events, completing didactics, and presenting at conferences. 

I now work full time in downtown Minneapolis at the Mayo Clinic where I work with high school, college, semi-professional, and weekend warrior athletes dealing with acute, chronic, and post-surgical conditions helping them to return to their desired sport(s). My personal passion centers around the treatment of tendinopathy.

Professional Philosophy

I approach treatment in a patient centered manner, grounding it in research, and objective measurements of performance to ensure highest confidence when returning to sport. Through treatment I aim to increase patient resilience, and autonomy with the ultimate goal of returning patients back to their desired activity with a robustness to continue performing at their highest level.

"Bangarang!" - Rufio