Physical Therapist, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Personal Trainer

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Framingham, Massachusetts, 01701, United States



Academic Backround

  • 2011: University of Massachusetts Amherst, Commonwealth Honors College; Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. 
  • 2015: Northeastern University in Boston; Doctorate in Physical Therapy, Sports Strength and Conditioning Concentration.

Specialties & Certifications

  • Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)
  • Movement Patterning/Retraining 
  • Powerlifting/Weightlifting 
  • Soft Tissue Massage/Manual Therapy

Athletic & Training Background

I have held several different internships since 2009 along with many other observational experiences. My internships include working with professional baseball players at Cressey Sports Performance, high school track and field athletes at Gardner Performance Training, collegiate D1 basketball players at Northeastern University, and collegiate D1 hockey players at UMass Amherst. I have a strong outpatient/orthopedic physical therapy background working with athletes of all ages and talents ranging from powerlifting to football to soccer. Personally, I was very active growing up. I participated in football, basketball, baseball, and track & field through high school. To supplement my performances I took up weightlifting. After high school I noticed how much I loved the sport of weightlifting/powerlifting and began to spend more time in the gym. It wasn't until the summer of 2014 that I would begin to compete in powerlifting. Since that time I have managed a 425-pound back squat, a 253-pound bench press, and a 550-pound deadlift at a body weight of 165-pounds.

Current Role Working with Athletes

Whether it is working one-on-one with athletes as a strength coach or rehabilitating a torn rotator cuff in a baseball player, I am actively reducing pain and restoring function to athletes of all ages and disciplines. I blend the realm of performance training and rehabilitation to deliver the most effective treatment plan for the athlete.

Professional Philosophy

My professional philosophies tend to be manual (hands-on) and positioning based. I look at the patient, client, athlete on a spectrum of functionality with the intent of moving someone down the line towards more "functional" depending on their goals and/or prior level of function and performance. Therefore, I am concerned with how to get from point A to point B most effectively and not necessarily choosing "quickest" path if that does not ensure durability of the athlete position or current tissue state. A lot of pain and movement dysfunction, in my experiences and education, tends to be neurological in nature. Hence the use of placing individuals in a proper position to achieve joint centration, beneficial muscle lengths, and advantageous positions to produce optimal force. Then through techniques such as PNF and breathing upon that new position, I can create joint position changes through the motor output at the muscles surrounding the joint. Once a joint is in a "better" position, I can train the new movement pattern to ensure the athlete maintains the motor control to promote the proper amount of mobility and stability. For example, let's take a powerlifter who has back pain in the squat and may lack hip/core coordination upon descending into the hole with +85% of a load on their back. Through techniques such as soft tissue manipulation around the hips, positioning drills to restore abdominal strength, followed by closed chain single-leg activity and squat progressions, I have experienced much success.

Shannon Sharpe during his Hall of Fame enshrinement in 2011: "It's called the three D's: Determination, Dedication, and Discipline. Three traits that translate in any generation and any job setting."