Quinn Henoch has a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Indianapolis and BS from Valparaiso University.  He is the head of rehabilitation for Juggernaut HQ and Darkside Strength.  His clinic, Paradigm Performance Therapy, is adjacent to the new Juggernaut gym located in Laguna Niguel, CA.   This facility has over 10,000 square feet of useable space, and is truly a rehab and performance hub. 

Dr. Quinn is an internationally recognized therapist, author, presenter, and coach.  His philosophy is centered on correcting movement dysfunction and restoring the body’s proper positions, in order to allow the patient to participate in his or her chosen activity with resiliency and longevity.   Dr. Quinn has experience and is very comfortable not only being the patient’s point of contact for rehab, but also bridging the gap back into the gym and onto the field, by creating science-based periodized strength and conditioning programs, based on the activity demand.    

A typical session will include a detailed movement assessment and biomechanical join-by-joint analysis.  Interventions will be case specific, but may include various manual therapy techniques, corrective exercise, neuromuscular re-education, and movement and lifting technique training.   The focus of each session will always be oriented to the patient’s goals.

Athletic Background

Quinn played football at the Div 1-AA level at Valparaiso University as a defensive back.  He has also competed in track and field, Crossfit, and powerlifting.  Currently, he trains full time as an Olympic weightlifter, and competed in the 2014 American Open and has qualified for the 2015 National Championships as a 77kg lifter. 

“Human movement is a complex process that is not fully understood. I like challenges. So, I have decided to devote my career to better understanding this phenomenon. In turn, I hope to use this knowledge to improve the quality of life for individuals coming to me with movement dysfunction; whether that means returning to sport, work, or simply living a life without pain. While the individual goals of each patient will vary, my goal for them will remain the same – to leave my clinic with a new found understanding of their own bodies, and to use that as a foundation for a healthy active life."  -Quinn Henoch, PT, DPT