A training tip from ClinicalAthlete Provider Dr. Greg Schaible, PT of On Track PT & Performance in Ann Arbor, MI: "Acceleration Drills for Athletes - Reactive forward and lateral lunge starts. Add these drills into your programs to get faster! Punch" from the drive leg in order to facilitate a more gradual rise to upright position.

An active recovery tip from ClinicalAthlete Provider Dr. Job Asad, DC of FHS Chiro in Walnut Creek, CA: "How do I supplement endurance training? This is one way. The goal is to stay right, the second variation is more intense, requires more core stability in rotation.

A movement & mobility tip from ClinicalAthlete Provider Dr. Matthew DiLallo of Performance and Wellness Chiropractic in Palm Beach Gardens, FL: "This movement works on hip extension and hamstring control of the tibia. Lack of Tibial control is one of the components that can lead to a knee injury, most commonly ACL issues.