July 10th, 9 pm EST

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Clinical Athlete Webinar

All Registrants will receive a recording of the Webinar If you can't make the live event. 

Sam Spinelli DPT, CSCS

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Topic: Knee Valgus & The Squat - Much About Nothing? 


Knee Valgus & The Squat - Much About Nothing?
We've all heard about the horrors of knee valgus with squatting, but what does the evidence actually say on the topic. Is it as clear cut as its made to believe? Through this presentation we will analyze what valgus is, how it relates to squats, the risk associated with it, potential reasons it happens, and possible interventions for specific situations.

Sam Spinelli is a physical therapist and strength and conditioning coach who operates The Strength Therapist. Outside of work, Sam enjoys hanging out with his wife, playing with dogs, and drinking coffee.