An assessment and movement tip from ClinicalAthlete Provider Dr. Clinton Lee of Clinton Lee Physical Therapy in New York City: "After noticing a surgical scar on my patient's right ankle I performed a squat assessment to screen for potential mobility problems. Significant medical history includes a right tibia and fibula fracture as well as posterior tibialis tendon lengthening, all about 10+ years ago.


A training tip from ClinicalAthlete Provider : "Why does your coach tell you look up while squatting? The video of @ericdesmand_ barely able to squat 525 @ 197# tells you why. Notice that once Eric comes out of the hole, his head is flexed (Not Neutral) and his eyes are down(Not Up).

A movement & mobility tip from ClinicalAthlete: Goblet squats are a fantastic tool to teach the squatting pattern. Holding a weight in front creates a counter-balance that allows the athlete to practice squatting straight down. This teaches the athlete how to fully use his or her hip, knee, and ankle mobility, while maintaining stability through the core.