Training the Pregnant Athlete

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pregnancy workout.png

Training the Pregnant Athlete



The Pregnant Athlete

·         What is BIRTHFIT?

·         PRENATAL

·         MINDSET training

·         Physical training and Programming

o    Working with coaches

·         Benefits of exercise

·         Risks of stopping exercise

·         Research - best resource is the book Exercising Through Your Pregnancy by. Dr. James Clapp

·         Posture - as important as training, as this occurs daily, all day; dictates baby’s position; helps decrease strain of increasing T-sp kyphosis and L-sp lordosis

·         Breathing

·         Posterior Chain/Anterior Chain Balance

·         Engaging the entire core DAILY

·         Foundational Movements - squat, bird dog, kick throughs daily

·         Bar path - when/if to change/modify

·         Chiropractic Care

·         Nutrition

·         Active Birth: Movements and breathing during labor

·         PELVIC FLOOR


·         POSTPARTUM

·         Kinesio Taping

·         Q/A



 Lindsay Mumma, DC, is a chiropractor and women's health professional. She is a Regional Director for the organization BIRTHFIT, and works primarily with pregnant and postpartum women and athletes in her private practice. She is a lifelong athlete and learner, and enjoys discovering new ways of improving human movement and function.

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