How can you help support the ClinicalAthlete Podcast?

1. You can click this Amazon link and buy yourself something nice. Amazon will give us a small portion of what you spend. You don't have to buy something nice, but if you buy specific items weekly, such as Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Ramen Noodles, and you could just as easily get it through Amazon, well that would help support the Podcast and you don't spend any extra money. 

2. You can subscribe to a Monthly or Yearly plan that helps us put out content more often, as well as bring on more guests that you want to hear from. Subscribing for a year at $60 will give you access to the ClinicalAthlete Forum. Subscribing to any amount, even just $1 a month will give you the ability to voice your thoughts on what topics and guest we should be covering. 

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3. You can eat donuts. Nationally Ranked NPC Figure Competitor Autumn Cleveland, who is a huge ClinicalAthlete Supporter, has offered to give 50% of her Protein Donut E-Book sales to ClinicalAthlete. The E-Book has 100 Protein Donut Recipes. Autumn is giving the CA Community 10% off with Discount Code: CA 

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