Contact Info

 Academic Background

I have a bachelors in kinesiology (exercise and sport sciences) and Doctorate in Chiropractic. While in college I had internships for MLS soccer team, outpatient physical therapy settings, and hospitals. I have certifications in ART, FMS, and RockTape.

Athletic & Training Background

I was a soccer, football, wrestling athlete in h.s. and was a college football kicker. I have done CF, olympic lifting, and the "globo" gym lifting. Through all of those I have had the opportunity of finding out what works for me and how I can work out and teach others to move with less pain and in the proper way for their specific goals and needs. 

Current Role Working With Athletes

I work with a lot of athletes from CF affiliate members, Olympic level divers, trail runners, NFL players to the weekend warriors. I also give seminars at local CF gyms on stability, mobility and joint centration along with the joint by joint approach to stability and mobility. I also volunteer my time at 5k runs, high school sports, etc. 

Professional Philosophy

I treat focusing on evidence based functional movement patterns. I look at what is causing the pain, not the site of pain (unless its a trauma, or specific muscle pull at the time of injury) so I can asses what is causing the dysfunction or complaint. I asses, do soft tissue (ART, Graston, voodoo floss, buffer) then adjust, followed up with functional rehab such as quadruped, diaphragm breathing, and primal movements.