Dr. Tim R. Rogers, DC


Infinite Mind and Body

2560 Palumbo Drive, Suite 140, Lexington, Kentucky, 40509, United States

Academic Backround

  • BSJ West Virginia University, 1990, Journalism Honors
  • DC, Life University, 1998, Magna Cum Laude

Specialties & Certifications

  • Functional/Clinical Neurology
  • Kinesiology (ICAK)
  • Functional Medicine (FMU)
  • Neurofeedback

Athletic & Training Background

  • Swimming through collegiate levels
  • Lacrosse through collegiate/club lelvels
  • Owned and Operated personal training facilities
  • Serve as a chiropractor for CrossFit Athletes 
  • Certified in Neurofeedback

Current Role Working with Athletes

I Address and Correct movement faults, pathomechanical issues that lead to injury from a global perspective. I use tissue therapies, chiropractic, neuromuscular retraining techniques and neurofeedback. My goal is to get the athlete back to what they love doing the most as soon as I can...

Professional Philosophy

Every athlete comes to the table with a different history and a different genetic background. My goal is to consider the whole human and his or her personal capacity to do the work attempted along with the adaptations that person may be dealing with . I use a movement model to study linkages in dysfunction both working and non-working to find the element that will correct the fault and restore a more natural recuperation process.

"Spirit ain't spit without a little exercise"...Clint Eastwood in Pale Rider

"The credit belongs to the man who is in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood....." Teddy Roosevelt duringt the Spanish American War