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Adaptation Of The Human Achilles Tendon By Cyclic Strain

This info is from a research article titled: Adaptational responses of the human Achilles tendon by modulation of the applied cyclic strain magnitudeBelow is a link to download the full article!Intensity...

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Long Term Consequences Of Lateral Ankle Sprain

This info is from a research article titled: 2016 consensus statement of the International Ankle Consortium: prevalence, impact and long-term consequences of lateral ankle sprainBelow is a link to download the...

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Treatment Options For Plantar Heel Pain

By ClinicalAthlete Member Michael Amato, DPT:"Plantar Fasciitis" can be one of those broad diagnoses that may present in different ways.⠀⠀Generally, it's described as localized pain in the heel that may...

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