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Abnormal Hip Physical Exam Findings In Asymptomatic Female Soccer Athletes

This info is from a research article titled: Abnormal hip physical examination findings in asymptomatic female soccer athletesBelow is a link to download the full article!Here's a quote from the article:"Asymptomatic elite...

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Effect Of Nordic Hamstring Exercise On Hamstring Injury Rates In Soccer Players

This info is from a research article titled: Effect of Injury Prevention Programs that Include the Nordic Hamstring Exercise on Hamstring Injury Rates in Soccer Players: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisBelow...

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Does The Si Joint Really Move?

Time to challenge your biases a little bit..Let's take an objective look at SI joint motion from two papers:⠀⠀Nagamoto et al (2015) measured SIJ motion via CT scan and found...

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Relationship Between Hip Muscle Strength And Dynamic Knee Valgus In Asymptomatic Females

This info is from a research article titled: The relationship between hip muscle strength and dynamic knee valgus in asymptomatic females: A systematic reviewBelow is a link to download the full article!A...

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Neutral Spine In The Squat?

Are we sure that exists?Perhaps this is an example of "what we say vs. reality". ⠀McKean et al [FREE DOWNLOAD] found that the lumbar spine flexed ~25 degrees near the bottom of...

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