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Psychological Readiness To Return To Sport After Acl R

This info is from a research article titled: The impact of psychological readiness to return to sport and recreational activities after anterior cruciate ligament reconstructionBelow is a link to download...

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Relationship Between Hip Muscle Strength And Dynamic Knee Valgus In Asymptomatic Females

This info is from a research article titled: The relationship between hip muscle strength and dynamic knee valgus in asymptomatic females: A systematic reviewBelow is a link to download the full article!A...

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Knees Over Toes = Bad?

From ClinicalAthlete Member Sam Spinelli, DPT:Can your knees pass your toes?⠀Have you heard that it is harmful for your knee to pass your toes? This is a common narrative told...

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Dynamic Valgus & Acl Tears

It happens FAST!Here's what Quatman et al [FREE DOWNLOAD] found:⠀🔹ACL strain during 'dynamic valgus' was increased with a combined motion of tibial shear, knee abduction, & internal tibial rotation⠀🔹Peak ACL strain occurrred...

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Effects Of Band Around The During Barbell Squats

What does putting a band around your knees during squats do?Foley et al [FREE DOWNLOAD] tried to answer this question by comparing:⠀🔹Trained vs. untrained peeps⠀🔹Band vs. no band⠀🔹Testing 3RM back...

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Influence Of Acl Tear On Leg Strength And Hamstring To Quad Ratio

Influence of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear on Thigh Muscle Strength and Hamstring-to- Quadriceps Ratio: A Meta-AnalysisAfter analyzing 13 studies on quad and hamstring strength after ACL injury, Kim et al...

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