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Training Workloads - A Round Table Discussion with Dr. Tim Gabbett

Dr. Tim Gabbett, an authority in the world of Sport Science, will join co-hosts Jared Maynard and John Flagg for...

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Cardiopulmonary Considerations in Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Dr. Severin is a physical therapist and ABPTS certified cardiovascular and pulmonary specialist. He completed his cardiopulmonary residency at the...

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Three E's to Running: Easy, Effective, Efficient - Dr. Danielle Adler Kroot

Dr. Danielle Adler KrootOutline of Presentation• Learn the benefits of warming up and how to incorporate a dynamic warm-up before...

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Managing Runners: From Pain to Performance

Dr. Danielle Adler KrootManaging Runners: From Pain to PerformanceOutline of Presentationâ–  Obtain the skills to subjectively and objectively examine a...

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Reconditioning The Injured Athlete: Principles > Methods

About Jarred BoydJarred Boyd, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Athletic Trainer, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Board Certified Sports Clinical...

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